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The Centre for Migration Studies
at the Law Faculty


The Centre for Migration Studies is hosted at the Law Faculty of the Masaryk University from January 2022 and has been headed by  Dr. Madalina Moraru, and deputy Dr. Brid Ni Ghrainne.

The Centre aims to forge new research pathways to refugee and migration studies, by: (1) bridging research in several inter-related fields, such as  refugee, judicial, migration and constitutional studies; (2) approaching these fields from different perspectives such as public international law, human rights law, regional law, and comparative law; and (3) engaging with different disciplines, such as legal and socio-political studies. 

Its key areas of research consist of the exploration of legal, judicial and socio-political interactions in the areas of: migration, asylum, internally displaced persons, and safe zones, as well as other migration related sectors. Given the growing but also contested and under-explored role of courts in migration governance, one of the Centre’s main research focuses will be on the role of courts in migration governance. Through its activities and expertise, the Centre will engage with both practitioners and academics on various activities ranging from workshops and conferences to pure research and policy endeavours or training activities. The Centre will grow into a platform for developing innovative research ideas and projects that will ultimately have an impact on policy-making. 

The Centre will also be a valuable catalyst for raising public awareness of migration issues, such as by providing expert commentary in the media and by disseminating freely accessible policy papers which explain complex migration issues to a lay audience. 


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