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The Centre is going to be a platform for exchange of ideas and research between its members and researchers in other Departments and Universities focusing on migration studies, in particular on the role of courts in shaping migration governance. 

The Centre will be organising research events within the Law Faculty of the Masaryk University and in collaboration with other networks, and public engagement events.  

Book Presentation

12 am, 3 May 2022, join the book presentation co-organised by University of Bologna and the Centre for Migration Studies:  Anna Tuckett to present her book Rules, Paper, Status Migrants and Precarious Bureaucracy in Contemporary Italy' published by Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press in 2018; for participation online, register by sending an email to Alice Lacchei at 

 judgment in the Landkreis

Don't miss Madalina Moraru's Op-Ed on the CJEUca judgment in the Landkreis se (C-519/20): the Court of Justice of the European Union set limits to the executive’s use or abuse of emergency clauses to justify limitations of fundamental rights. You can read the full commentary at :

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